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Home Projects Made Easy With High-Quality Aerosol Sprays

ColorWorks Inc. in Republic, Missouri, has expanded our line of products to include custom colored aerosol spray paints, caulking, and applied finish products for floors and walls. If you don't see what you need, just ask us, and we'll find it if possible.

Product Base

We are proud to provide our customers throughout the United States and Canada with a growing product line of custom color-matched products. These selections include:

• Custom Color Caulking
• Custom Color Aerosols
• TOBIAS Stucco
• Skimstone Products
• Interior Wall Coatings
• Floor Coatings & Textured Finishes

Custom Color Caulking

With ColorWorks Inc. by your side, there's no need to settle for anything less that an exact match. Let us tint and package products to your specific needs.

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Custom-Filled Aerosols

Get the precise finish you want without the hassles. Choose a specific color to fill up your aerosol, and we'll make it just the way you want.

OFLA Products

OLFA offers the world's premium line of professional-grade cutters, including knives, blades, and accessories. When OLFA introduced the world's first snap-off blade in 1956, the demand for these high-quality products escalated worldwide. The tool was inspired from snapping off pieces from a chocolate bar. OLFA now makes more than 100 precision cutting tools designed and developed based on the needs of:

• DIYers
• Safety Managers
• Quilters
• Contractors and Industrial Professionals

Top Features

There is an OLFA product for every cutting job. The OLFA brand's tools are built so tough; they're guaranteed forever. Also, they feature cutting-edge specs like:

• Snap-Off Blades
• Self-Retracting Safety Cutters
• Cutting Depth Adjustments
• Safety Blade Locks
• Ergonomic Grips
• Cushioned Handles

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